Vintage and Antique Picture Frames

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Decorating with vintage gesso frames

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Shop for-and learn about-Vintage and Antique Picture Frames. Though they might seem like afterthoughts, picture frames can be works of art unto themselves​.

Bring it to Dr. Framing solutions are equally important to both the art collector and to the artist. As with any other profession, some are good and some lousy. I have seen people buy the most hideous paintings because they, unlike anyone else in the room, knew something about the picture frame. Many people purchase works of art only for the frame. Many works of art just happen to be frames. These frames often bring high prices.

Look to purchase a frame that complements your art while offering protection from dirt, particles, dust, insects, etc. Professional framing can be the best friend or the worst enemy of any work of art. In terms of value, if something is not framed properly, it can do significant damage.

What’s Your Picture Frame Style? A Look at the History of Framing

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The story of the picture frame in England really begins in the 16th century. Another document, a bill dating perhaps to the late s, is damaged and so Repairing forty old portraits on Pannels and the Frames mended and new Gilt,​.

Antique picture frames which are frames that are years old or more have their own unique appeal. These give one a sense of history. In fact, they can be considered a masterpiece in themselves. The elaborate woodwork tells of artisans of old who painstakingly and expertly carved them, with the craftsmanship handed over from the previous generations. The wood is precious, because it has proven itself by standing the test of time. In addition, the finishing may also add to the beauty and value of the frame.

Most vintage picture frames are hand finished and even gilded with gold or silver leaf. Thus, antique picture frames can fetch high prices, especially if the frames are well preserved and in good condition. These gorgeous vintage picture frames can serve to enhance the look and increase the value of an artwork or autograph.

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Conservators work with rare, antique frames, or meticulously create new frames in but they must enhance—not distract from—the picture and secure it safely.

About Richard A Maryanski. Our Location and Hours. Small Antique Frames Frame Size 4″ x 6″. Frame Size 5″ x 7″. Frame Size 6″ x 8″. Frame Size 7″ x 9″. Frame Size 8″ x 10″.

Antique Picture Frame Styles, Values, & Identification

Antique frames, with their intricate designs, evoke time past when craftsmanship was an art unto itself. Like it affects fine wines, the passage of time adds character to and increases the value of antique frames. In some cases, an antique frame can be worth more than the artwork it surrounds. But how do you determine if a frame is an antique, a reproduction, or both?

– Baroque antique picture carved, black painted and gilded Frame Southern Italy (late early century) Date: late Antique Picture Frames, Gold.

Aug 25, Framing. For most of history, frames were practically an afterthought to everyone but artists—a backdrop to greater paintings and drawings. Artwork was typically given a new frame whenever it changed hands or if the owners did some redecorating and wanted a new frame to match. In fact, that debate continues today among those who work in the arts. For some, choosing a frame is a way to personalize art or customize it for a space. Others feel artwork looks best in contemporary frames, matching what the artist would have envisioned.

Still others draw on different framing styles to get the look they want. Emma Crichton-Miller, What goes around: The art of framing. Whatever their view, museums, historians, collectors, and framers have been taking a closer look at how frames were created, the history behind them, and how trends have changed.

19th Century

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Giovanni di ser Giovanni Guidi called Scheggia. Pietro di Domenico da Montepulciano. Michele Giambono Michele Giovanni Bono. Botticelli Alessandro di Mariano Filipepi. Master of the Orcagnesque Misericordia. Francesco Granacci Francesco di Andrea di Marco. Raphael Raffaello Sanzio or Santi. Master of the Codex of Saint George.

Laurence B. The study of picture frames in general, and of Renaissance frames in particular, is a discipline in its infancy. Historic frames have always been the poor cousins of important collections of paintings and drawings. Only in the late nineteenth century did museums and private collectors develop an interest in historical authenticity that extended to frames as well as to the objects they contained, by which time frames more than one or two hundred years old had grown exceedingly rare.

Structure and Design The development of frame design is inextricably tied to that of architecture. Whether intended for use on paintings, reliefs, or mirrors, frames were invariably designed as parts of an architectural interior and were frequently meant to harmonize with door and window surrounds.

Fine Antique Frames Q & A

Sophia Kishkovsky. Staff at the State Russian Museum in St Petersburg are raising the alarm that thousands of antique picture frames in storage are at risk from mould and mismanagement. Only 1, frames are expected to be re-listed in a fresh inventory, she says, among more than 8, identified in a museum ledger dating back to the s. Furthermore, the museum does not have to report missing frames to the Russian culture ministry since they have been assigned such little monetary value and have not been recorded in the national digital registry of museum objects.

In fact in my opinion antique and vintage picture frames are works of art in their own right. I often buy pictures not for the painting but for the frame in which it.

Linda is a seasoned writer and home-decorating authority. She loves sharing design trends, decor ideas, and useful tips with her readers. The ornately carved mirror hangs above the fireplace, silently guarding its secrets. It is an exquisite addition to your sitting room and a conversation piece long admired by family and friends. The discovery process will require a bit of determination and detective work on your part.

By employing a combination of physical inspection, research, and expert advice, you can uncover its past and find out just how much your old mirror is worth. You’ve owned the mirror for years, yet know nothing of its past or value. In most cases, a direct correlation exists between the age of a mirror and its value. Mass-produced examples from the early 20th century do not command the same price as handcrafted antique mirrors from the s and earlier.

So, zeroing in on the time your mirror was made will be the first step in determining its value. Begin by performing a thorough inspection of your mirror to see if you can gather enough information to make an educated guess as to its age.

Beautiful Picture Frames to Grace Your Home

When searching for antiques, the most coveted feature is authenticity. While most dealers will know how to label them correctly, you will most certainly want to know how to tell the difference between a true antique glass picture frame or an antique oval picture frame and a very good replica. There are three types of vintage oval frames in any give frame shop. Those that are authentic antique, a high-end replica that will look just as stunning and a low-end replica that will cost less.

See below for tips on how to distinguish a real antique frame. The frame will be aged.

Antique picture frames (which are frames that are years old or more) have The label will usually also have the date when the frame was created The label.

If you collect any type of art and display that art, it will look better if you use a period frame. Years ago, frames could be found in the back of antique shops and they were priced very inexpensively. For the most part, that time has passed and a dedicated corps of antique dealers has recognized the value of early frames and prices them accordingly. Some of these frames are beautiful examples of folk art, while others can be dated to a particular style ie.

Eastlake, Art Deco, Faux Bois, etc. Hopefully, you will now go out and try to find some great frames. A collection of beautiful empty frames on a wall is always a conversation starter. Rabbet, Pic. The rabbet or Pic. Frames are usually cut a bit larger than the desired rabbet size. This provides a little bit of extra space so anything that is the actual size i. Outside Dimension od. When you look at the front of a frame and measure from outer edge to outer edge of the frame, this is an outside dimension.

Old, Historic Paintings: Tips on How to Identify Old Paintings by Looking at the Back Side

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