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How to Create a Multilingual Website with Concrete5

Updated October 12, Added some details about how the PageHandler class is included in the package. This format was popularized by blogging software like WordPress and Movable Type. This is pretty standard in WordPress, but if you’ve done any Concrete5 development you’ll realize that this is not the norm. This is typically how we do things in Concrete5 — your URL matches the sitemap structure of your site, and your blog consists of a page of the “Blog” type, with pages of the “Blog Entry” page type beneath it.

This is how our sample content blog in the Elemental theme works. I’m going to let you in on a dirty little secret: I’ve never liked this.

This compilation of performance tips for your concrete5 website list is always ‘​up-to-date’, you’d use the Auto Page Cache Clearer add-on.

Here’s a practical example. Let’s say on a website you’d like to create blog posts and have them structured at a particular URL scheme based on date. So, if you added a blog entry named “Hello World” it would be found at. Yes, you could set a custom canonical URL, but why not just use page events to automatically place the post at the proper location? Here’s how you might go about it:. First, we’ll create an instance of a custom handler class.

This handler class will be responsible for placing the post in the correct area of the site. Note: describing how this works is outside the scope of this document. This is simply about showing how we can trigger the use of this class using custom application events.

Themes and Style Sheets

The Calendar add-on lets you create, manage, and display multiple calendars on your concrete5 site. Goto the Calendar page in your Dashboard to start setting things up. Add Calendar.

Date Navigation allows you to make a navigable menu sorted by a page’s date. Great for adding simple blog-like navigation to a sidebar.

Hi There, Could someone point me in the right direction? I’m trying to use a datepicker on a block, works perfectly when logged in, however it doesn’t when logged out – I und…. Three questions when adding a Form Block within C5 1. I’m handling with a book form with DatePicker and also as a mandatory field. Changing the date field to allow only Mondays and Thursdays, concrete core is always askin…. Hello Everybody, I tried to edit a customer’s site which was working without any trouble since Without changing anythig, the edit options inside the edit bar disappeared ….

I have a datepicker for birthdays when making an account on my site, but the datepicker only goes back ten years. I’ve seen a few other posts about this problem but they’re all fro…. I’ve actually only a day or so ago finished up developing a new feature for Community Store where there are additional ways for customers to enter in product options beyond the ex…. As per title, my client requires a calendar functionality on orders being placed, this is a butcher’s service that wants to take dated pre-orders for Christmas.

Currently using ….


When talking about localization, t is the main function that developers should be aware of. It accepts one or more parameters. The first parameter is the string that should be translated.

Now we switched to the much more flexible Service Providers approach. Since the concrete5 core team takes care of you, moving to this new approach is.

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Any time you want to sort , search or filter a list of pages you should use this object rather than querying the database directly , as it handles the compexities of permissions, page versions, and aliasing, and provides a nice API on top of the fairly complex table structure underneath. This is an array of all Page objects, with no limit. Filtering a PageList query involves calling a filterBy

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Whether you want something simple, or something unique and complex, we can deliver customised applications and creative solutions that work in every browser, whether mobile or desktop.

The concrete5 Specialist

Pages are the entry point to a site, and with custom attributes can store lots of information that developers might want to access. Additionally, operations as simple as printing out the date a page was created or the name of a page require understanding how to retrieve and operate on the page object. Within a page template e. It’s already present in the local scope:.

If you need your composer pages to exist in a specific site structure (such Remember this is all for Concrete5 (the process for is likely to be a bit class BlogPublishingModel { public static $page; public static $date;.

Could this page use improvement? Edit it! Edit Page. Version list now shows who approved the version thanks Katz Added page template to advanced page search. New modes for page composer where you can choose target pages from an in-panel sitemap, rather than the popup selector. Select custom attribute now uses the Select2 JavaScript library for tagging modes, leading to an improved appearance and nicer code behind the scenes.

Setting up the composer in concrete5

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