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In order to summon some of your Troops, you need to have enough Morale points represented by the blue bar. The time an opponent has for destroying your Castle Gate is determined by your maximum path length. Every path tile will add a few seconds to the clock. Please note that the timer is always based on the maximum allowed path tiles that could potentially use, not on the ones you actually use. So if you are allowed to build 17 tiles but only use 15, attackers will still get the allowed time for 17 tiles. The units and towers that are transparent are used less in the defense of the player that you are inspecting. In contrast, towers and units that are used more are displayed in a less transparent way. Use this information to select your attacking units and spells accordingly!

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This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Learn more. This prompt never disappears naturally, and prevents any matchmaking modes from working. This temporarily worked for me until today where the game decided magically that it wants to show this prompt again and not work. There is seemingly no clear reason for the game not working again.

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Can’t connect to any servers

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I think my experiment backfired. Dropped as low as I could and lost all the way down to 38 trophies and the Training Grounds. Lol… Oops. Any advice? I put in my lowest level dinos and still nothing. Seems like 60 is as low as it gets. Now… Time to test the new matchmaking algorithm. Good god, how long did it take to drop that far? I tried arena dropping once and after an hour of losing I was only down about trophies so this must have been days of work. I think youve won the award for dedicated losing streak.

Good luck. Then I got a real opponent for ONE fight. The back to AI.

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Your browser does not seem to support JavaScript. As a result, your viewing experience will be diminished, and you have been placed in read-only mode. Please download a browser that supports JavaScript, or enable it if it’s disabled i. On load screens I noticed they added the criteria of the sessions in the past few months, which I presume is for matchmaking.

The player’s soul level (SL) or weapon level (WL) are outside of the range that is by the fact that the White Soapstone is “grayed out” and unavailable. Using the “Matchmaking Password” feature in the game to improve the.

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Cant Play Multiplayer, buttons greyed out.

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Duos greyed-out? Hi, we had to restrict the queues on the PTS to Squads and Solos FPP/TPP only to reduce matchmaking times.

Many, like the Remove Camo mod are fun, but there are a lot that you can’t install anymore. Are they just not updated for the new WoWS version yet? I’ve not had issues with mods before after an update. I happens every year The 0. As stated above, the mods are just awaiting updates is all. And since we at weegee don’t own the mods, we have to wait for the modders to update them. Patience shipmate, patience. Yea it sucks. Mod station has great stuff I like. I’m missing my Confederate flags for U.

S ships, etc.


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Starcraft 2 matchmaking greyed out

Click the Contacts and LFG button in the top left of your screen, and then click the Looking for Group icon on the pop-up box. The Looking For Group tool shows groups looking for players. The tool is designed to allow groups to be formed quickly in order to proceed to content. This tool is accessed through a tab in the Contacts and LFG panel default Y , then clicking on the navigation bar.

If it’s greyed out, the game accomplishes matchmaking through a password system. A Helpful Guide To Bloodborne’s Confusing Multiplayer Options.​Subscribe.

May – last edited May. Hey guys, I’ve had this bug for months and tied to file bug reports but ones gotten back to me. Seeing how many people have the same issue or know how to fix it. When I play with friends, after we leave a game the ‘status’ of the squad members doesn’t update in a game, unready, ready it stays at what it was when I left the game. They get into a game with a spot greyed out. I also can’t see when friends join my lobby and if we still try to matchmake they don’t get into the same game.

And all friends on my invite list show up as green and not joinable even if they are. I’ve gone through all the troubleshooting guides, reinstalled the game, even completely reformatting my PS4 and still nothing fixed it. Can anyone help me out?

Be The Zombie Matchmaking Greyed Out

Xbox Live services are all up and running right now. Can you further explain what matchmaking errors you get or any error messages? Is this specifically only for Halo Reach? I recommend going into your Network settings and run the troubleshooting tests in the right column.

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By quarkral , February 21, in Matchmaker. Screenshot attached – each team had 3 destroyers, but 2 of the 3 destroyers on my team were greyed out and could not be selected I have queued into games with a rank 13 ship and the enemy team has been able to use r8 destroyers. Every time I tried to queue with a rank 8 destroyer and a rank 13 ship, I cannot use it.

Why can’t we use r8 destroyers in higher tier games? If you were able to start matchmaking with a rank 8 ship and a rank 13 ship, then that’s a bug in the matchmaking maybe destroyers are not checked properly. Normally, all ships in your hangar must be within a 3 rank range. You really shouldn’t be able to even start a match with rank 8 and rank 13 ships together.

EDIT: That 3-rank-range is only checked for squads, not for solo players. The game matches your biggest ship to fit within the match range, and everything that is below is denied access once you enter the match briefing.

Matchmaking Glitch?

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